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Integrate your file transfer solution with your antivirus solution

Every day, files are exchanged between your systems, employees, and business partners on a global scale.  It’s no secret that with each file transfer, your organization faces potential exposure to viruses, worms, Trojan horses and other malware – and the damaged files, corrupted applications, reduced performance and other adverse business effects that come with them.

Are your file transfers as safe as they can be?  Specifically, when you receive inbound files, are you doing all you can to protect your IT infrastructure from the risk of viruses and malware??  Are your outbound data and file transfers “clean,” so you don’t expose your trading partners to any viruses that might be undetected in your systems???

Ipswitch MOVEit and MessageWay solutions offer the ability to integrate with specific antivirus solutions.  Here’s a link to learn more about MOVEit DMZ’s new ability to integrate with Sophos and Symantec ICAP enabled antivirus solutions to ensure that only clean files enter your infrastructure.

For example, all files uploaded to MOVEit DMZ (including those sent using the person-to-person Ad Hoc Transfer module) are first scanned and validated to ensure that they are free of viruses, trojans, malware and other malicious threats.  If an infected file is detected the following actions will immediately and automatically be taken:

•    Rejects the transfer of the infected file
•    Alerts end user that upload failed due to virus detection
•    Logs the virus, timestamp, the scan engine, version and definition tag
•    Reports the list of infected files that have been detected during a specified time period

By integrating your antivirus solution with your managed file transfer solution, you ensure that all the files you receive are scanned before they enter your network.  Not only does this protect your applications, data and valuable IT assets, but it prevents you from accidentally passing on any viruses that may exist in your systems.

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